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Interactions and Transformations for Perception and Action 

Dean's Awards for excellence 2006/2007

My laboratory is part of the Brain and Mind Institute.
We explore the function of two important cortical areas, the ventral stream which specializes in the perception of visual objects and the dorsal stream which specializes in directing motor actions. Currently my laboratory is involved in three projects that use functional imaging of the human cortex to address the following issues.

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Project 1. The Contribution of the Lateral Occiptal Cortex To Object Perception. The cortical visual motion system often facilitates object recognition such as when we spot an animal in the woods only when it moves.  Click here for Structure from Motion Demo.
Click here for a PDF of a recent paper

Project 2. The Function of the Cortical Motion Complex in Humans. One of the key components of the dorsal action stream is the motion complex, an area in the medial temporal cortex that is specialized for motion. We are using fMRI to map the functions of its various compartments in humans.
Click here for PDF of a recent paper

Project 3. The Coding of Target Location in the Intra-Parietal Sulcus. The posterior parietal cortex plays a key role in the selection of targets for action and in the coding if their location. The initial coding of target location by the eye is in retinal coordinates. However a limb movement to the same target must, at some stage, be coded on egocentric coordinates. The posterior parietal cortex appears to be crucial for this transformation.
Click here for PDF of a recent paper