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A teaching, training and test tool for the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) system and its disorders, including BPPV on the iPad. Sponsored by the University of Sydney, Australia.

What Is Nystagmus?

Living with Nystagmus

Why alcohol makes your head spin.

Balance Rehabilitation: current ideas about physical therapy for dizziness and imbalance.

Cranial Nerves

Eye Movement simulator. Great site for testing what each eye muscle does.

Question: Clinical nystagmus is usually most prominent in a normally lit room or in a completely dark room? Answer: As we have seen in this session, vision acts to suppress the slip of the image on the retina. Thus vision will suppress most forms of clinical nystagmus. Neurologists often use Frenzel goggles when assessing nystagmus. When Frenzel's goggles are placed on the patient, and the room lights darkened, nystagmus can easily be seen because the patients eyes are well illuminated and magnified, and because fixation is removed as the patient can hardly focus through magnifying glasses on a dark room. Click here to see the types that T. Hain, MD uses.

Tutis Vilis
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