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Higher Visual Areas

A great interview by the CBC of someone with face blindness on You Tube. Be patient or skip over the short intro.

Face Blindness: Oliver Sacks - The Mind's Eye

Bill Choisser describes what it is like to be face blind.

A patient with visual agnosia

A modern map of the human visual areas activated by different catagories of objects. Try out the various inflation modes. From the web home of Professor Jack Gallant's laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.

The difficulty of separating objects from their background. Can you see 5 pintos?

So you think you know what an American penny looks like!

How We See Things that Move: The Strange Symptoms of Blindness to Motion

A very compelling demonstration of the motion after effect by Mark Newbold.

A great demo Nikolaus Troje demonstrates that the sex, weight, and even emotional state can be determined from a few moving dots.


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